An Ode to Noses

Well, it’s been a long time.

The transition to Miami has been a long one, but I’ve gotten some good writing in.

I wrote this one for everyone I’ve ever crushed on hard, from way back when to now.

Here’s a glass to your nose.

It is fleshy, it is cute, it is prominent, it might be bigger than mine
and you hate it for being bigger
but I love it on my lips and between
my tiny-nibbling teeth and
just on my ears as you whisper and the
sound of your breathing. I want you to
fuck me with your nose. I want you
to get it in there with the rest of your
divine self. Your nose is your hallmark,
the statue that ties the room together.
It has its own landscape. It has its own
terrain and dirt from the day
and a mind of its own and
I want it. I want our noses
meeting finally, that intimacy of the
space between us, the guiding line
that is the bridge, that leads me closer to you
and I fall in

A toast to you, my sweet.


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