NaPoWriMo Day 15, “You Were Born”

Day 15 (late)

Once upon a time you were born, and that’s so beautiful
I bet your mother kept you close to her as often as possible
I bet your mother would lay next to you and watch your little scrunched up face as you slept
I bet she would see your dark hair and perfect body and wonder about how your mind would be
What you would think, what you would do
I know she loves you so much

I wonder if your father was ever proud of his first and only son,
If he did the same at night,
If the first time he tried to hold you,
He was immediately filled with a fear of dropping you
I wonder if to him you felt so fragile in his arms
That the fear of breaking you never left
And colored his decisions in a way no one could have expected

I imagine someday if we ever have children of our own,
Between the two of us,
They’ll be beautiful and strange too
They will sleep next to us in bed so they never have to feel alone in their early months or years
And we will stare at their sleeping puppy faces all night and dream of their future
And we will share a fear of breaking them too


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