NaPoWriMo Day 5, unprompted

Yesterday was about friends and sketching. Played with some oil pastels. Worth it. Didn’t end up writing anything, but insomnia has prevailed, and I’m ready now, even though it’s late. Hopefully Day 6 will be on time. At least I’m still writing?


Day 6
unprompted, untitled

define: serene

cool early-morning Midwestern breeze on my lower eyelids
a taste in my mouth like the mid-Summer mornings outdoors
where I feel the heat of my body as it braces against a reticent cold
dancing hesitantly toward my skin and then going in for the hug

define: sunrise

mugs of tea and an act of witnessing
either seen victoriously, usually with company,
at the end of an exuberant night,
or alone following sleeplessness and a thirst that just can’t be quenched

nonviolent but manages to hit every building i can see as i face west,
painting every brick to its brightest, fullest potential
the hum of the city has yet to reach its furious pitch
a blanket of exhaustion and lulled-asleep warmth covers the tension’s slow build

define: bed

my lover, preferably in darkness
see also: warmth
see also: companionship

define: warmth

a sensation without and within,
but mostly it’s the little things,
like waking up and realizing there’s still a little time left
to simply lie there with eyes closed,
feeling comfort and quiet and naked before stepping into one’s usual skin



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