NaPoWriMo Day 4, “Is April the Cruelest Month?”

Today I ran around everywhere and then I got tattooed, so let’s pretend this Day 4 was actually published on 4/4, okay?

The prompt comes from the National Poetry Writing Month website. I haven’t used one of these in a couple of days, but I have a cute answer to this one. Cute enough, maybe.
Anyway, tomorrow’s (today’s, hah) should be on time.


Day 4
Is April the Cruelest Month?

says the winter to its clouds,
have you not grown sick of me?
the people below cry, i do,
but the atmosphere chooses to keep its arms open,
allowing the seasons to embrace each other before passing on.

(side note:
this is chicago,
you get no options here
except to keep your arms open
to whatever storm is coming)


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