NaPoWriMo, Day 3: Precipitous

Today’s prompt was taken again from @hourlyprompts. Good folks. Great timing for today, because hours ago, I told all my friends I was moving out of state. So.

Day 3

Like a fall from grace,
like walking off a plank into the briny depths of a storybook sea,
like closing my eyes and holding my nose,
I dive right into you

Without pausing to think,
Without going too deep into it,
Without considering my mother’s feelings,

I find myself in the back of a car with all of my possessions at either side, the radio blasting, a smiling man I know and love and trust at the wheel. He looks back at me through the rearview mirror. “I thought you were sleeping,” he says. “Look, the Everglades. We’re almost home!”

And what will I do when
And what will I do without
And what will I do without my?

Like a humming in my heart,
like the ticking of a time bomb, then defused,
like consistent quiet breaths,
the impetus that exists tells me to go,
and I do


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