NaPoWriMo Day 2 + Day 1 Redux

Turns out I did yesterday’s suggested prompt wrong, so I’m going to try it again.

These prompts from the internet are clearly optional, but for me, they’re good exercises in focus.


Day 1:


high pitched sharp noises
i feel them
in my mouth, always

today it sounds like
the howling
of an oppressed

city, waiting on
ly for a
broken promise of

spring. it tastes like lake
air, frozen
freedom, longing for

(for misophonia, brought to you by chicago winds)


Day 2

Twitter Prompt: Monism
(I didn’t feel like using the NaPoWriMo daily prompt of a family portrait today, as I’m trying not to fall into my usual clichés, so here is a prompt from @hourlyprompts, which I have been using for my past Twitter Prompt Projects and highly recommend if you want to challenge yourself.)

after my partner came home from work,
we had an argument last night
about my singular belief system
in which i argued that chakras aren’t real,
they’re just the product of brains focusing on muscles,
on places we are told should have an “opening”,

wherein synapses send messages through muscles to feel something
and in this way we are made to feel more connected with our bodies,
and thus, free.

there is some science to relating emotions and baggage in muscle.
after all, muscle memory is a real thing.
we flinch when someone raises a hand.
we all understand fight or flight exists within us,
and if you try, you can pinpoint where exactly in yr gut
the voice that tells you to “run”

he shrugged it off with a belief that he cannot link his brain to the rest of his body,
to which i replied, “lay your head on my lap.”
i arranged my fingers on his forehead, his cheeks, his sinuses,
i massaged, i prodded in silence.
he fell asleep, melting in my lap.

i stopped believing in anything
but there being no god but movement.
“pray” with your feet by going barefoot
and dancing, is my counsel.


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