Twitter Prompts – Poems: #5, “Lest”

Again, another poem. Formatting is screwed up, because I still haven’t figured out WP.



we forget, of course,
we decide we’ve made mistakes,
we believe in the worst,

let us

make the decision
that we are free

we decide to turn back,
our wings get damaged,
we plummet,
we kill each other,

let us

bask in each other’s light
wrap our arms around each other
kissing each other’s respective molecules
skin carefully coalescing


we see temples in each other’s bodies


my paramour,
do not be afraid to cry when beauty strikes

(after all,
         after all)

we get lost in our stories

let us
not run from each other


at this point
there is nothing more to tell


I have seen you
There is nothing lost that could not possibly
Be regained
The history of you and I
Is not so impermanent
As what is laid in sand
Only to be scattered in the wind
On an ambiguous Someday

Lest we forget,


(see above)



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